About St. Mary’s

We are the leader for children with developmental disabilities in Louisiana. With open arms, we take children and adults with the most severe challenges and meet their needs with profound love. We take care of the tough cases by offering unique services to a wide age range of individuals from the ages of five to thirty-five.

Through the Grace of God, St. Mary’s provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and demands dignity and respect for individuals with disabilities. St. Mary’s is committed to fostering individual growth and help develop each person to his or her full potential.

Our mission

To provide every person the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential, intellectually, spiritually, mentally, physically, vocationally and socially. We accomplish our mission by providing comprehensive programs and services that develop functional skills and promote personal growth and independence in an environment that is filled with loving care and respect. Our purpose is to help each of our children and young adults realize greater possibilities and attain higher levels of performance.

The amenities offered at St. Mary’s include dormitory and group home living options, the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Learning Center, day and job training programs, RNs in a 24-hour clinic, a cafeteria that serves three meals a day, a chapel in which Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation are observed, covered horse riding arena, an indoor swimming pool, splash pads, a gymnasium, a beauty shop, playgrounds, miniature golf course, walking track, special events on campus, community outings, speech, occupational and physical therapy consultants, and access to educational and medical services in the community.

St. Mary’s is a 501 3(c) non profit organization.

A Career to Be Proud Of

  • Outstanding Benefits
  • Empowered by Development Opportunities
  • Supportive Network of The Best Professionals In Our Field